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Laboratory Supervisor Artur Laszczak



Invenio company as a leader in quality control services has launched a modern measuring laboratory. The offered services are dedicated to customers for whom the highest quality is the basis of activity but do not have their own measurement laboratory or the appropriate specialists. Orders are executed in the Invenio laboratory in Bielsko-Biala or at the customer location.


For provided details we measure the geometry and also the deviations of the shape and position based on the CAD model. We offer reverse engineering services for all products, especially for machine parts.
We realize measurements which are necessary to restore missing technical documentation in CAD 2D and 3D. With our measurements we create three-dimensional CAD environment needed for further design work, e.g. in renovation and modernization machines and devices.
In our laboratory we use FARO EDGE arm measuring machine with a range of 2,7m. We have also the first-class inspection software Metrolog X4 as well as rich package of CAD 2D/3D software and support tools.
Our engineers, based on their knowledge, equipment and software, guarantee the highest quality and professionalism in the implementation of tasks assigned to our company.


Based on extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the industry, we offer calibration of measuring tools. We calibrate tools for measuring length using standards and patterns from reputable manufacturers.


Most of the power tools has to be subjected to periodic and current testing. While the current research are simple, short and do not require specialized equipment, periodic testing already includes a number of complex operations using specialized equipment.

We can make (provide) a full range of control: • Pre-test, visual inspection of the test equipment• Measurement resistance of earth conductor (PE) with 200 mA and 10A or 25A• Insulation resistance test (100V, 250V, 500V)• Current leakage measurement• Power measurement• Test of IEC cables test and extension cords


Thermal imaging cameras are essential diagnostic tools for your company; best support for electricians, maintenance departments, and health and safety departments. Thermovision makes it possible to see the problem faster an much earlier in the way that no other technology provides. We can carry out a quick inspection of your equipment and make measurements of the temperature from a safe distance.
Invenio will prepare a report of the machine review, that will shorten maintenance time during production breaks. Thermal imaging camera is a modern tool that can detect the upcoming problems before anybody gets hurt, it occurs failure or loss of energy.

Invenio uses the latest technology to carry out a thermal inspection of machines during operation, so that they do not stop any production processes.

Thermovision allows you to schedule the review and repair of machines for several months ahead.


• FLIR E50 works on image resolution 240×180 pix so we can get an exact image of the checked object/ instrument• High thermal sensitivity – 0,05°C• Ability to operate at temperatures from -20° C up to 650 °C• Detailed final report• FLIR 50 imaging camera measurements are two-dimensional: excellent overview of the subject.• The measurement is performed in real-time and the report with temperature distribution and their values are immediately known.


For our customers we produce specialist workstations taking into account individual requirements. Our offer includes also trolleys, platforms for pallets and ancillary equipment for production to fit your specific needs. Workstations are building according to customer’s design or on the basis of our project. We use the best quality components to meet safety requirements and ensure high durability of our products. Our projects support maintenance of the 5S and “Lean” principles through optimal adaptation to the needs of their work.



Invenio support its customers through secondment of constructors to work at the customer’s location. The scope of work includes mainly production equipment or product changeovers. Sometimes it is associated with development. The constructor is seconded with CAD station and the software agreed with the customer.On the basis of the individual arrangements, Invenio selects for each project a qualified employee with the right skills.


Research stands are designed mainly for science. They allow to study phenomenon associated with wear of machine parts. These stands are specialized equipment designed for the needs of research institutes and technical universities.

Research Stand for testing under the load of conical gears, designed for Institute of Technology and Exploitation – National Research Institute in Radom, was presented in Moscow in 2013 during the International Inventions and Innovation Technology Show “Archimedes”, where it won a gold medal.

We design also measuring instruments and the instrumentation of measuring machines.


Using extensive experience of its employees Invenio provides consulting services and implementation of projects in the field of power transmission engineering, particularly in the area of gears of all types. This concerns both structural and technological issues.


One of Invenio’s specialties is design of gauges and production instruments. We have realized successfully a few hundred (over 400) projects in this area, mainly GO/NO-GO gauges that allow to quick evaluate the geometrical properties of the product.